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Whee! Sports! Joust & Chums Go Crowd-Funded

One of the great tragedies of the last couple of years, other than that Meat Loaf is Republican and America cancelled space, is the continued inability for the common people to lay darting, sweaty hands on OSX/PlayStation Move-based live-action multiplayer game Johann Sebastian Joust. It's toured festivals, events and gatherings of people who wear retro spectacles and don't shave much (i.e. more confident versions of me) for a long while, but has until now had no public availability.

All that changes, as the free-form duel of glowing dildoes has taken to the Kickstarters, in the company of some other fine, vaguely sports-centred indies, as is promising a PC and Mac release in addition to the headline making 'first crowd-sourced PS3 game' version.

SPORTSFRIENDS is the package, which is as fine a title as anything could ever have, and four games are its contents. Die Gute Fabrik's Joust is arguably the headliner due to its cult status, and is better shown than described:

Also in there is PoleRide, a new polevaulting game from that grandmaster of psyhical activity simulation and self-flagellation, QWOP/GIRP/CLOP's Bennet Foddy, which like all the others in this four-game compendium will evolve from its current lightweight prototype stage to something more fully-fledged should the Kickstarter goal be reached. You can play an early, browser-based version of PoleRide here, or watch this:

Joining Joust and PoleRide is Noah Sasso's BaraBiriBall, which looks like this:

And Ramiro Corbetta's four-player 'digital sports game' Hokra:


Here's the pitch video for the entire package, too:

They're after $150k and are £23 in at the time of writing. More details on tiers and promises and all that stuff here.

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