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Prepare To Wait: Dark Souls III Coming In April 2016

Not that long, though

That headline's not me playing coy and trying to entice you into reading more of my drivel to find out a specific release date for Dark Souls III [official site]: "April 2016" is the release window publishers Bandai Namco announced in the wee small hours of the morning. I wish I could tell you a specific date so you could book the cat into the cattery, the kids into the nursery, and the nun into the nunnery, then skive off work, but no, you'll need to wait a bit longer to hear that.

This time, it seems our version will be launching alongside console editions - or at least in the same month. That's nice, as it's always been unfortunate to arrive late to Dark Souls having heard so much about set pieces (the dragon on the bridge!), what to do (go up, not to the graveyard!), and overpowered sneaky bits (shoot the dragon's tail off! which I resisted doing, but knew was an option). This time, we'll all be fresh.

I could tell you what I know about Dark Souls III, what's new and what's old, but you'd probably be better served by watching this from Souls YouTube chap VaatiVidya, who played the Gamescom demo in August and had plenty to tell everyone back home:

Or if you want to see exciting and cool things, the Gamescom trailer will do nicely:

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