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H1Z1: King Of The Kill Battle Royaleing In September

Survive, survive-o

Survival isn't enough for the youth of today, oh no, they must make sure everyone no one else survives. Battle Royale 'em ups have spun off from open-world survival games, bringing a faster, learner experience of rummaging in bins until you get a nice rod to stab a stranger in the neck. Heck, half of 'em are directly cut out from open-world survive games - like H1Z1: King of the Kill [official site] from those former Sony Online Entertainment folks at Daybreak Game Company. It's now slated to launch out of early access on September 20th, seven months after splitting from H1Z1.

So! King of the Kill is a Battle Royale 'em up: spawn across a big ole arena, then scavenge weapons and items murder each other for prestige and survival (and the contents of their pockets) as poison gas rolls out to force you all closer together until one player (or team) stands victorious. One notable feature KotK does have over Bremups (as we cool kids call 'em) like The Culling is vehicles.

Is King of the Kill ready to leave early access? Dunno! Daybreak's plans for the launch seem less than I'd probably expect given that many early access player reviews are still grumbling about janky and unfinished parts are. Guess we'll see! Daybreak say they're placing the console versions on hold as they focus on this PC release.

You know, I was going to drag out this "the youth of today...!" joke by saying the killy song on the game's latest trailer would've been a Drowning Pool song back in my day but I didn't want you to think I condoned FPS frag montages set to Bodies. Then I dubbed the vid and this is so awful and I'm so into it, please could every publisher let the bodies hit the floor in their next FPS trailer please thanks please thank you thanks.

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