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Hitman Episode Four Visiting Thailand On The 16th

Checking in!

"Bangkok, Oriental setting," sang Murray Head, "And the city don't know that the city is getting." His prediction was a lot closer to the mark this time. "The crème de la crème of the chess world in a show with everything but Yul Brynner." Replace 'chess' with 'mopey pop rock' and you've basically got the idea of Episode Four of Hitman [official site]. Publishers Square Enix today announced that, on August 16th, Ian Hitman will be jetting off to a luxury hotel outside Bangkok to murder a rubbish rock star and his family's lawyer. But remember: one night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble.

Jordan Cross is holed up in a gorgeous hotel with his band, The Class, while they finish their second album. It's always difficult, that one, especially when a superhuman killer has come to murder you for pocket money. Musical murder weapons are teased, naturally; I wonder if you can kill someone by forcing a clarinet down their throat then kicking them so they honk notes. Ian's also after the Cross family's lawyer, presumably because reasons.

It is a really nice-looking hotel! I'm enamoured with the lush conservatory in that screenshot ↑ up there. You can always play Hitman as a tourism simulator, I suppose. He'll be happy enough gawping at plants. Or ↓ golden elephants.

It's not just those two murders, mind. The episode will also bring plenty more Opportunities, new disguises, gear, weapons, and Challenges - not to mention a new place to find Elusive Targets.

In other Hitman news, the eighth Elusive Target is now wandering around Paris. You have 72 hours to bump off The Broker before and yoink an knock-off Fabergé egg before they vanish forever.

Anyway, here's Jordan Cross and The Class with their song Are We Stars:

Yeah, whatever. When will video games give us this questionable experience?

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