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Corny: Outlast 2 Delayed Into 2017

Mind your keks

Ah, the early tensies! Cast your mind back to an era when a Slender Man lurked in every corner, crazed diary entries littered the streets, and Nicola Roberts was making a real go of a solo career. Of all the first-person stealth-o-spookers that followed Amnesia and old balloonhead, Outlast was one of the better ones. Following a touch of DLC, developers Red Barrels announced a sequel would follow in 2016 but... now that's delayed. You'll need to wait until 2017 to flee from a murderous religious cult.

Outlast 2 [official site], if you've not been following along, leaves the first game's wacky asylum far behind. It follows a husband and wife who are budding journalists following a trail of clues starting with the murder of a pregnant woman. Uh oh, looks like some kooky cultists are involved!

Here's a bit of Outlast 2 gameplay from GameSpot at E3 this year. Newer and longer videos do exist but, as your physician, I cannot recommend you watch YouTubers shriek and ham it up.

You'll need to wait until 2017, some time before the end of March, to scamper about in that cornfield. As Red Barrels say in a Facebook post:

"We want you to know that we listen to your feedback, we see your excitement and we know you care about our work. Our mission as an indie studio is to deliver to you the best, most terrifying, most fulfilling experiences possible. That’s why we’re taking just a little bit more time to make sure our vision for Outlast 2 is in no way compromised and is the experience you deserve."

May your keks remain unsoiled for a few months longer.

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