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Starbound Finally Launches At The End Of The Month 

After three long years!

Starbound's [official site] formal launch has been a long time coming, but at long last, the sci-fi sandbox will be officially released on July 22.

Version 1.0 will brings big things to Starbound as the final transition from Early Access to full release. Players will have access to the full story arc, and planets will become fully realized as well. Explorers will now have the chance to explore more complex worlds with rich environments. Quests, too, are getting a makeover, with the addition of generated quests and new side quests.

You'll also have more options for building up your crew. Developing healthy colonies means particularly happy colonists can join you on your ship as a crew member. If you like layers, Starbound 1.0 will have plenty of those, tossing in improved crafting tables and recipes, combat options, and an updated pet system to boot.

And if after all of that, you're still bored, Chucklefish are working on dedicated multiplayer servers and other social options. Although Starbound is finally coming out of Early Access, the dev team plans to provide continued support and updates for the game post-launch.

Stardew Valley drew attention away from Starbound for a while (for good reason!) but now, it seems, it's time for Chucklefish's gorgeous space adventure to shine. You'll be able to play Starbound in its final form on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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