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Subnautica surfaces on January 23rd

An alien ocean awaits

The alien undersea explore-o-survival sandbox Subnautica will properly launch on January 23rd, after three years in early access. I enjoyed a dip way back when, splashing about in the shallows, but since then have been waiting for a full launch. Seeing the sea sights over the past few years, from Pip's volcano base to ghost rays flocking around a tree in an undersea river of brine, have made it difficult to stay away. I'm glad to have managed that, as an alien ocean I barely know is waiting for me and I'll get to be delighted and terrified for the first time by the full experience.

The developers, Unknown Worlds have muttered about aiming to launch on January 23rd before, on their public development roadmap, but today they sent us an e-mail and announced they're holding a livestreamed launch party at the Monterey Bay Aquarium so it's definitely confirmed now.

Looking at that roadmap, work left on version 1.0 seem mostly to be tidying up and checking boxes.

As I say, I'm very excited for this. I'll happily play multiplayer games in early access, for the larks to be had along with the way, but singleplayer games I'd rather get to know in their finished form. Not long now. But if you've been diving down these past few years, how was your journey been?

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