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Bam! Biff! Hi! Meet Telltale's Batman In New Trailer

Zam! Pow! Watch-o!

Your man Batman and his Batchums are leaping, diving, and chatting all over the place in the first in-game trailer for Batman: The Telltale Series [official site]. It comes alongside news that the first episode will launch on August 2nd. Until then, here, have a gander at Batso, Brucie, Vicki, Harvey and all the gang, see how they've come out in Telltale's episodic adventure game:

As you'd probably expect, it seems Telltale are setting their new story in Brucie's relatively early Batdays - the sorts of things we tend to see in films, which don't require huge amounts of reading-up on backstory. You've got Harvey with a singular face, Vicki Vale meeting Brucie, and certainly none of the wacky alternate universe nonsense that Batman inherits from the wider DC Universe. I would swear I hear a smidgen of clownish laughter at the end there, after the bats flap about.

Maybe, if we're really lucky, Telltale won't give us the full Batman Batorigin story with that same slow-motion shot of pearls spilling onto wet asphalt and all that. At what point will Batman be big and known enough that adaptations will be able to skip all that? He's Batman. Wears his pants over his trousers. Hits people. Has a fancy car. Awful PTSD. Doesn't kill. His best pal's named Jim. Easy peasy. He's Batman, yeah?

Realm of Shadows, the first of Batman's five episodes, will hit Windows and Mac on August 2nd.

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