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World Of Warcraft: Legion Hunting Demons From August

Will you roll a Demon Hunter?

If you're one of the lapsed World of Warcraft players who pops back to check out each new expansion, here, draw a wavering circle around August 30th on your calendar as that's when World of Warcraft: Legion [official site] will launch, Blizzard have announced. If you're a steady player, still hanging in there, hey, draw a confident circle. If you're neither of these and don't really care, man, I don't know, go read a book or take a walk or something. It's a beautiful day. What are you doing with your life?

Legion, to briefly recap, opens up the new continent of The Broken Isles, adds mighty class-specific Artifact Weapons, and busts out a new class in the form of the Demon Hunter. You know, like Illidan, the fallen hero with the blindfold who keeps going along with hairbrained schemes because he's really enthusiastic and just wants to help but he hasn't thought it through at all. Bless 'im. Anyway! Legion will let folks play as one of his mates, gaining unique movement abilities with a charge, double-jump, and glide.

Here, Cobbo has played a bit of Legion and a Demon Hunter, and reported back:

"I like the Demon Hunter class, though I suspect when Legion comes around, I'll be sticking with my mage. I love World of Warcraft's mages, and we’ve been together on various servers and a couple of side changes for too many years to jump at the first hussy who can summon Fel powers. They're a good example though of why World of Warcraft remains so interesting – that while the core of the game may be following the rules laid down back at launch, the details and spins on it can still surprise and amuse with every new expansion pack. It's showing its age, and increasingly content to cater for existing fans than hope for a return to its once-glory. If it keeps doing it like this though, it’s got many good years of life and angry forum comments left in it."

Hey, look, here's Blizzard showing off a race between players to best some Legion bosses:

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