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When is the Halo Infinite technical preview?

Everything we know about when Halo Infinite technical preview is happening, and how can you join in as a Halo Insider.

The Halo Infinite technical preview promises to let real-live players go toe-to-toe with the series' first bots, in a time-limited glimpse at the game's post-alpha build.

Here at RPS we're pretty excited for Halo Infinite — it was one of our favourite things at this year's E3 — so if you're as keen as we are to get involved, read on for details on when it's happening and how to take part.

When is the Halo Infinite technical preview?

343 Industries have now confirmed that the Halo Infinite technical preview will take place betweeen Thursday 29th July and Sunday 1st August 2021. We'll update this page with confirmation of the times the event is going live once we know them.

There's also going to be a livestream today (July 28th at 2pm PT — that's 10pm UK time) with details on how to join in if you've been selected. You can watch that on the official Halo channels on Twitch or YouTube.

How to sign up to the Halo Insider Program

343 Industries are looking for, in their own words, "hundreds of thousands of players" to take part in the playtest preview. Signing up to the Halo Insider Program doesn't guarantee you'll be selected when the preview happens, but those odds seem pretty good to us (not to mention that if you don't sign up you won't have any chance at all).

To sign up as a Halo Insider and have a chance to participate in the preview, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Halo Insider website and click Signup. (If you're not signed into your Xbox Live account, you'll be prompted to do this first.)
  • When prompted, verify your email and (importantly) make sure to opt in to communications and testing on your chosen platform.
  • If you're signing up for testing on PC, follow the on-screen instructions to upload your DxDiag and connect your personal Steam account.

The developers of Halo Infinite have said they're keen to test on a wide variety of system specs, so don't be put off from applying if you have an older PC — it could even work in your favour.

Good luck and have fun!

Update (July 28th): You should now have recieved an email confirming your selection if you've been chosen to take part!

That's all for now, but to tide you over until the Halo Infinite technical preview goes live, why not have a read of one of our many news articles detailing all the cool Halo Infinite features we've seen so far?

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