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Who Smelt It? Forge Of Empires

I can see a future where city planner is the new footballer. There's a preponderance of browser-based city building games about, so easy to play, so right there, pretty soon Sky will have channels dedicated to them. Mark my words: in ten years people will be swapping blueprint stickers and the front page of the newspapers will be full of zoning scandals. Innogames's Forge Of Empires is one such game, and they've decided to let you have a shot of their upcoming strategy game. All you need is the browser you're reading this on, an e-mail, a name, and the ability to make a password.

The beta is open to all. Even me, but I promised myself no more empire raising. Not after what I did with the Carpathians. But if you fancy fighting with friends over the best place to plonk the Coliseum, or tweaking the happiness levels of citizens, have at it.

EDIT: The developer has just mailed me. I shall cut and paste the relevant details. Fabio Lo Zito from InnoGames:

In order not to create a bunch of angry readers of your page, I’d like to mention that the access to our pre-closed-beta, which we call “Exclusive Preview”, still is limited. Players have to register via email and can then use a code they either get from our facebook page in irregular intervals, or from the ones we randomly send out to registered players.

Therefore, if you like distribute something to your readers or if you’d like to try the game for yourself after all, this key is 50 times valid: 8899d9b1853f710b69e8515ad7b9c1ae696cead4

So feel free to use the above code. Apologies, I got confused and dizzy.


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