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Cliffski Asks: Why Don't You Buy My Games?

Cliff "Cliffski" Harris, creator of Kudos, Democracy and Gratuitous Space Battles, is launching another survey of his Positech customers to learn about their purchasing habits. Or more specifically, their lack of purchasing habits. He's asking people, "Why didn't you buy Gratuitous Space Battles?"

Two years ago Cliffski did something similar, asking people why they pirated his games. He responded directly to these comments, removing DRM, changing pricing, and being more inspired when making new games. This time the question is more open, not asking why people didn't pay, but why they didn't buy the game at all. So if that's you, head over to his site and leave a comment. He's inviting people to be absolutely honest. Cheers to Chris W for pointing us toward this.

P.S. I amuse myself by noticing that in that article in August 2008 I wrote of indie games, "I’d be fascinated to see someone emulate the model a few musicians have tried, letting people name their price, with advantages for those choosing to pay over a certain amount."

If only such a thing could ever happen.

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