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XCOM 2's Weird Caps Lock Load Time Trick Explained

Alien dentists HATE it!

One of the weirder performance-improving tips you may have heard for XCOM 2 [official site] is speeding up load times by hitting the Caps Lock key. It sounded unlikely, but it has worked for me. Others found it made them wait even longer, as XCOM 2 would crash and they'd need to relaunch it and reload and probably say some rude words on top I bet. What even is this trick? How does it work? Why don't developers Firaxis make XCOM 2 automatically do... whatever this is? They've now explained.

Firaxis told the big secret of Caps Lock to Eurogamer:

"Hitting the key, through a Rube-Goldberg-esque series of events, forces all outstanding load requests to be filled immediately in a single frame. This causes a massive hitch, and potentially could crash the game. If you don't care about those adverse effects the synchronous load is faster."

I always knew it was the right decision to replace my keyboard with a series of dominoes which, when pushed, knock down a chain of increasingly large dominoes which then strike a lighter to set off a firework which whizzes across the room to hit a wooden spoon which sets an egg rolling down a spiral slide and smashing into a knife then the egggoop oozes out and drips down onto balance scales to raise a pin in the other weighing pan to pop a balloon to startle a hamster which runs inside its ball and knocks over a glass of water into a kettle which boils the water to steam to moisten a paper towel until it tears and drops a battery into a special slot on my computer telling it I've pressed a key. Typing anything takes ages, with a lot of painstaking resetting, but sometimes I save a few seconds loading a video game level and it's all worth it.

If waiting makes you sweary, you might also be interested in this mod removing a lot of small pauses in combat.

Anyway, speaking of loading, why aren't more people talking about how great XCOM 2's billboard loading screens (not those Skyranger scenes) are?

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