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Why Won't They Die? Death To Spies 3

There's a little show about to start. It's called The Three Es. And it means you might suddenly see a whole lot of trailers appear on this site over the next week or so. It's okay, you'll like them. Except the bad ones, which you'll like to dislike. Let's start probably somewhere in the middle, with Death To Spies 3. It's - who ever would have thought it? - the third in the WW2-set kinda-Hitman series, and a level walkthrough is below, plus a few scribblings from me. Well, I say World War II. In fact, it's gone Cold War...

I've got these notes scribbled from my trip to Prague to see 1C's line-up a few weeks back (more write-ups from which I will be posting here just as soon as I stop being imminently homeless), where I briefly watched the game but didn't manage to play it:

There are three playable characters, which you can apparently switch to at almost any time. They're returning hero Captain Strogov, Viktor Kovalev and Olga Godunova-Lopes. Based on those names, I can give you this exclusive insight: one's a dude and one's a lady.

Locations include Europe, the US and Cuba. Mmm, rummy.

You're blessed with a 'spy sense mode' to avoid some nearby danger. A little bit psychic, I guess, but may make proceedings a little more enjoyable for folk who aren't stealth dab-hands.

There are gadgets (such as lockpicks), and you have the option to poison people's drinks. For some reason, I've written the latter in capitals. Must have thought it was funny at the time. Was I ever so young?

So there you go. And here's what it looks like:

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Death to Spies


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