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Ace one-line platformer Wibble Wobble gets multiplayer

Jelly on a plate

Wibble Wobble, the splendid high score-chasing endless platformer set on a single undulating line, now has a local multiplayer version. Wibble Wobble was great in singleplayer and it's great in multiplayer now. The multiplayer version has drifted around events for a bit, including several Wild Rumpuses I helped run/didn't wholly ruin, but now it's out pay-what-you-want on Itch for all. Grab some chums and prepare to enjoy a great many deaths and little victories.

So there's this line, right, and it wibbles and it wobbles. It is a good line, but along the line are obstacles like spikes and pools of deathfluid which ooze out as the ground sinks. Along you run, trying to survive and score points for as long as you can. This is me (on my tod) trying to play it cool and simply show you the terrain, until a killorb nears and I bottle it:

You can't see it but I lived forever after that and got the high score, and did not charge straight into a spike.

Wibble Wobble multiplayer supports 1-4 players, and pleasingly is cooperative. You can resurrect other players by jumping on them, though do mind that you aren't killed by whatever killed them. They died in that spot for a reason, after all.

Wibble Wobble is made by Daniel Linssen, who you might know from such games as Roguelight and Sandstorm, with splendid spooky sound from Shannon Mason.

The singleplayer version is still up, if you don't want to even see the possibility of multiplayer.

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