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WildStar Gets Redmoon Mutiny Raid Update Next Month

Mutiny on the H.M.S. Wildstar

If you're one of NCSoft's WildStar's [official site] biggest fans (or are actually playing it, are people still playing it?) you'll be happy to know that Carbine Studios has confirmed there's an update coming. Named Redmoon Mutinty, it's scheduled to hit this November with additions including PvP leaderboards and cross-faction raid and dungeon groups.

As part of the second phase of the Redmoon Terror raid, it's going to introduce enhancements to WildStar's group mechanics, including that of dungeon groups and social system tweaks as well as a host of other improvements meant to improve the overall user experience. In conjunction with the second half of the Redmoon Terror raid, it's acting as a bit of a balancing update to serve up all of these tasty new augments at once.

The new raid instance will include new bosses, additional loot, and the final battle against Laveka the Dark-Hearted. Who is she? Is she any kin to Final Fantasy X-2's Leblanc? Probably not.

There are also in-game PvP leaderboards with individual and group statistics as well as a smattering of other new bits that should put you over the moon if you're a WildStar fan. I remember playing it very briefly when it made its debut, but I have zero time in my life anymore for frivolous things that aren't Murakami novels, David Lynch films, and classic PC games like Shelley Duvall's It's A Bird's Life.

At any rate, you can expect this update to roll out in November.

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