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Windbound takes Breath Of The Wild out onto the open sea

Wind of the Waker

There's always a bigger raft. At least, that's how it goes in Windbound, which demonstrated some lovely open ocean boating in a new gameplay trailer during today's Not-E3 festivities. First announced two months back, 5 Lives Studios' next game is a sail 'n' survive with some serious Zelda vibes, set to land on Steam's shores in a little over two months.

Kicking off The Escapist's Indie Showcase today, Windbound is a nautical survival romp from Satellite Reign developers 5 Lives.

Pop-out gliders? Flashy, over-the-shoulder archery? Glowing blue lights and environmental puzzles? Cor, this all looks very Breath Of The Wild, doesn't it? Bring in the boating, and you've also floated a little bit of The Wind Waker into the mix. That's fine, though - emulation notwithstanding, we don't get many Zelda games here on the home computer. Besides, as far as vaguely RPG-ish action adventures go, Windbound does look quite lovely.

It's not like Windbound hasn't roped in a few ideas of its own, either. Key amongst them is that raft, which looks to grow from little more than a canoe to a full-on floating house worthy of Kevin Costner's Waterworld. There's a seemingly never-ending ocean of islands, each offering their own beasties and environmental challenges to take on before hopping off to the next. There are hidden ruins and story threads to dig up, sure - but by my reckoning, all a game like this really needs to offer is a lovely pirate-free ocean to drift about in.

Windbound aims to set sail for Steam on August 28th for £25.

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