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Winter sports sandbox Steep is free to keep this week

Not a steep price to pay

Ubisoft's open world winter sports sandbox (snowbox?) Steep is the publisher's latest giveaway. Available to snag and keep forever between now and Tuesday, May 21st, it features skiing, snowboarding, wingsuit diving and paragliding - four fun ways to hurl yourself down a mountain without dying. While sadly not coming with its copious collection of DLC, it is, per Ubisoft standard, still more than enough to get your teeth into, and there's the options to expand it further if you want to stick around on the slopes. Grab it here, free, and keep it forever.

When Brendan Caldwell reviewed Steep back in 2016, he found it to be a sometimes impressive, but often-frustrating, buggy experience. That might be a reason to skip on trying it, but Ubisoft have been very good over the past few years at responding to criticism and refining their games post-release. I've not had the time to try out Steep for myself, but between updates and several expansions, I'd not be surprised if it's a smoother and more polished downhill trip now. Such is the nature of games now - I never could have predicted For Honor's comeback, for example.

If you like the base game, the season pass adds three new packs of stuff. The Adrenaline Pack adds three night-time challenges and some extra gear. The Extreme pack adds three new sports to the game - rocket-wings, base jumping and speed gliding - which seem like even less safe ways to travel down a mountain. The Winter Fest Pack adds sledding, more challenges, and some very silly customization stuff. The Road To The Olympics expansion is big, but more straight-laced, adding Slopestyle, Ski and Snowboard Halfpipe, Big Air, Giant Slalom, Downhill, and Super-G events, plus new Japanese & South Korean mountains.

Steep is free to grab here, although you'll need a Ubisoft login to add it to your account. The game's DLC is all discounted here on the Ubisoft store. Note that the Season Pass includes the Winterfest & Extreme packs, but not the Winter Olympics expansion.

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