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Wire Wood Daughters treads through a faded memory

A walk in the woods

Wire Wood Daughters is an Itch.io find [official site] which has a pleasing sense of place and a library of collectables which manages to be evocative in an attractive, bittersweet way- old springs, crooked nails, jade seaglass...

Ultimately the different bits didn't quite come together for me but the strength of the individual elements and the interesting mix of threat and memory mean I'm still going to tell people to take a peek! Here's a snippet of video:

I'd actually say that's not so representative - there are reminiscence voice tracks you can listen to as you wander, and pads you walk over to trigger them, and threatening shadows and the aforementioned sparkly collectables.

The big thing that's not there is actually to do with those bluey-green underground bits. They look the same as they do in the footage but when you're exploring for real it's soundtracked by this claustrophobic muffled booming like you're under the sea listening to the crashing of the water.

Here's the dev, Rook, on Patreon which will direct you to more work/other projects and here's the Itch.io link for more pay-what-you-want bits and bobs.

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