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Wizard Detective Is A Game About Detecting A Wizard

Detect wizards

I like dynamic detective games. I am attempting to make a dynamic detective game in my spare time. Wizard Detective is a dynamic detective game about detecting a wizard, and it's reminiscent of both Westerado and my beloved Where's An Egg. It's on Greenlight and there's a demo on Itch you can download now. Step below for some thoughts and a trailer.

You're a wizard detective, hired to track down someone who has been performing dark magic upon the local populace. You're the man or woman for the job because of your ability to detect dark magic in people - as long as you have two followers to help perform the detection ritual, at least. Getting those followers means walking around town, talking to the randomly generated people, learning about their procedurally generated relationships, and winning their favour by sharing opinions they agree with. You can ask them questions, including who they love and live with, what their opinion is of you, themselves, or the other townspeople, and they'll occasionally ask you to do them a favour.

One of the tasks I had was a grandfather asking me to find out why his granddaughter didn't like him. When I reached the granddaughter, she asked me to find out why her grandfather liked her so much so she could stop doing it in the hope he would leave her alone. All of the oddjobs seem to be like that: about finding out information by having conversations, or by eavesdropping on the conversations of others.

I haven't found the wizard yet and so I am unsure where it's going, but it's fun and silly despite the crudeness of its graphics. Here's the trailer:

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