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Wolfenstein: The New Order is free to keep right now

Grab it in the next 19 hours

Wolfenstein: The New Order rebooted the classic FPS series back in 2014, turning it into a tonally incoherent, ultra-violent sometime-stealth 'em up about murdering robo-Nazis in an alternate 1960s. It was surprisingly great. It's also free to keep if you grab it from the Epic Games Store right now.

If you already own and have played Wolfenstein: The New Order, then please instead enjoy this wonderful video from Marsh Davies' Fail Forward series:

If you always meant to get around to The New Order but never did, there are 19 hours left to head to the Epic Games Store and add it to your account. As long as you do it within the time limit, the game is yours to keep forever.

Epic are giving Wolfenstein away as part of 15 days of free games, offered up alongside their winter sale. The other free games they've given away so far includes Bloons TD 6, Costume Quest 2 and Sable. The next freebie will be revealed as soon as the Wolfenstein giveaway ends tomorrow at 4pm GMT/8am PT.

I think Alec summed up the appeal of The New Order pretty well in his review:

I think it works because, for all the oddness of being both a dumb as a box of hammers game and a Feel The Feels can we have an award now please game, Wolfenstein: The New Sequel knows itself very well. It borrows from BioShock and it borrows from Half-Life 2 (to put it mildly), but I don't believe it truly has aspirations to be more than Expensive B-Movie With A Heart. There's, oddly, an honesty to it - it's not like BioShock Infinite, where the fancy talk sat uncomfortably alongside the meatheaded mayhem. Yes, this takes itself and its magical robot Nazis entirely seriously, but that's not the same thing as believing itself to be capital-I Important.

If that sounds like your thing, grab it now.

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Wolfenstein: The New Order

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