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Wonder At Space Wandering: Even The Stars

Serene bliss 'em up

After a hectic day of newsing all the best news there is to news, I need something to relax with. Today's offering is Even The Stars, an esoteric exploration game lacking any real goals other than to live, die and try to enjoy it. There's probably a message in there. Originally made for the space cowboy jam, solo dev Pol Clarissou and musician Nicholas Gaven are expanding it into a meatier morsel. It's quite simple, you tap in coordinates for your ship to go and, if there's a planet, you can land and spend some time there. There might be cities, a mill, cows - all the essentials. Eventually, you die, because that's how life works, and can take a screenshot of the map of your journey, because that's how life should work. It's serene, pleasant and you can play it now. Venture forth to a trailer and my personal journey below.

I picked my numbers via random association - my birthday, todays date, mixtures of the years and months of the two, that sort of thing - and jetted around. I only found a few things and commented on them in a predictable way. Unlike some earlier runs, I did manage to meet some people this time and decided I must have got very drunk in the city with the old warrior to stay there so long. In the end I found a priestess and, I presume, died happy. Does this mean I won?

My map is quite small, since I spent so much time getting drunk with the warrior. If you build your own, post it below and we'll see who's coolest. I bet you can't die as happily as me, noobs!

For some more information on the development, check out the tigsource thread where Pol's taking design suggestions and posting updates. The final version is supposed to be available within the next month.

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