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Wonderful puzzler Grindstone gets new levels with free Lost Lair update

Plus new weekly challenges

Grindstone, the match-three/smash-three grid-based puzzler, has received a free Lost Lair update. It adds 20 new levels with brand new hazards, a new mini-boss, a new full boss, and new weekly communited challenges.

Here's the lovely trailer:

Completing the weekly challenges grants players new cosmetics, such as "silly and stylish hats" that can be paired with any existing armor set. The cosmetics are unique to the weekly challenge in which they can be earned, meaning they're gone for good if you miss a week. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

The rest of the update sounds unequivocally good, though. The new mine setting brings challenges such as TNT crates and "molten-grindstone lava", and the new boss fight with protagonist Jorj's rival Jjary includes a new cinematic. It's a lot to add for a free update.

We didn't review Grindstone, which is the kind of terrible decision I made as editor-in-chief that my successor Katharine would never stand for. She loves Grindstone and said so in a feature, in which she explained it was the "smart puzzle design that keeps me coming back level after level."

If you don't know, Grindstone is a grid-based puzzler in which you direct your warrior to smash through chains of monsters of the same colour. Every ten of the same colour killed causes a grindstone to drop that lets you then switch to a different colour and keep the combo going.

In fact, Katharine also said that Grindstone had a staggering 175 levels, each of which felt unique and distinct from one another. That there are now 20 new levels available for free is possibly ridiculous, but here you go. Grindstone is available from the Epic Games Store.

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