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Woo! Mossmouth Have Made Spelunky At Home On PC!

Here's some splendid news. Earlier this week I had a little grumblefest about the state of Spelunky's PC port, with a lack of resolution options, and very poor windowed mode support. I also had a dig about the unskippable intro animations that were also a pain in the 360 version. Whether it was in response to my moaning, or something they were doing anyway, the really good news is that it's all fixed! And as a result, Spelunky feels splendidly at home on the PC.

Loading the game, you'll now see a quick start option appear on the bottom left of the screen, which fantastically dumps you right into the main entrance to the game, everything else skipped. It's a great change, and makes the game instantly accessible.

And even better, now you can run the game at native resolutions, or any mad combination you may prefer, either in or out of a window. It's exactly as it should be, and we can all high five, fistbump, and hug until we fall asleep in a big happy pile on the floor.

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