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Wordle answer (Monday 18 July 2022): Wordle word of the day #394 and hints

Today's Wordle answer (Monday 18 July)

A close-up of part of a Wordle grid. The letters spell "what is the answer".
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Looking for the Wordle answer for Monday 18 July 2022? Another week means another bunch of Wordles to wake you up each and every morning. The popular puzzling phenomenon generates a new five letter word every day, and you only have six tries to figure it out. As you pop letters into the Scrabble-style grid, the tiles will light up either green or orange to indicate whether letters are in the correct spot or need moving into another position.

While finding those green tiles is incredibly satisfying, sometimes it isn't so easy. If you're struggling with today's Wordle answer, then you're in the right place, as we have three helpful clues that should nudge you in the right direction. If you just want to learn today's Wordle answer without any of the guesswork, then keep scrolling to find it below our clues.

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Wordle July 18 hints

If you're feeling up to the challenge but aren't sure where to begin with today's Wordle answer, then our three clues should help you get started. Below, you'll find three hints for today's Wordle answer:

  • Today's Wordle answer starts with an "F".
  • It only has one vowel.
  • This word refers to a group of sheep or birds that travel together.
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Today's Wordle answer July 18

Today's Wordle answer is: FLOCK.

As mentioned in the earlier hint, Flock refers to a group of animals that are buddies. Usually, this would be either birds or sheep that travel together, set up their community in the same spot, and might even send their kids to the same schools. Let's focus on flocks of sheep here, though, because I am terrified of birds. A flock of birds sounds like a nightmare.

If you want to stop others confronting their nightmares, then make sure to keep today's Wordle answer a secret. Lots of people make Wordle part of their daily routine, and it'd be cruel to spoil the answer before they've had chance to guess. Remain tight-lipped until tomorrow, when a new Wordle puzzle will begin.

That wraps up our guide for today's Wordle answer, but you can continue to grow your puzzle power. If you want to get some practice, take a look at our list of the best Wordle starting words so that you're better-prepared for future Wordles. If you simply want to avoid wasting your precious guesses, then check out our list of past Wordle answers to see which words have previously appeared and won't appear again.

Use our Wordle Solver tool to help you figure out the answer to any Wordle in moments! Just pop your current guesses in the grid and watch the tool instantly give you all the potential answers.

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