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World At War Beta Strikes

Call of Duty: World At War, the fifth game in the CoD series, is now in multiplayer beta mode. The series has gone back to WWII for this instalment, developed by Treyarch (who take care of the odd numbered games, Infinity Ward doing the evens).

The game's been betaing on the 360 for a couple of weeks, and now finally the PC version is ready to roll. You can get the 850mb of code here or here, but to be able to take part you'll need to create an official account here.

In the beta are four playable sides - US Marines, German Wehrmacht, Russian Red Army, and the Japanese Imperial Army - along with four game types. They be Team Deathmatch, Free-For-All, CTF and War.

There's three maps to play it all on. The Japanese and Marines play on Castle (set in an ancient Japanese castle) or Makin (a nighttime Pacific assault), while the Germans take on the Russians in Roundhouse, putting tanks against people in Europe.

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