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No Thank You: World Of Diving Goes Deep Down

30 horrifying metres of water

World of Diving had, until now, looked so very merry. Sparkling blue embraced reefs swarming with neon fish, and sweet air was only a few metres above our heads. Turns out, it's not a cheery diving sim but actually a dreadful horror game. The last update added the wreck of the SS Yongala, lying in 30 metres of water. That might not sound deep, but it may as well be a mile as far as I'm concerned. Have a peek at the accompanying trailer and see if you too pull an appalled face when you see the sharks circling between the diver and the dim, distant daylight.

You'll note that the update's changelog also details improvements to shark animation. Great. Fantastic. Wonderful. On the bright side, it does also pretty things up in general and improve fish AI, so the shallows will be more pleasant than ever. Good old shallows.

World of Diving is still in alpha but offering access through pre-orderering, as is all the rage nowadays. $20 (£12) will get you dev builds and a handful of coins to spend on customisation bits. Diving's really just an excuse for choosing, customising, and arguing about gear, so I hear.

Look at this and tell me it's not terrifying:

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World of Diving

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