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World Of Goo free on Epic Games Store right now

A right good'un!

I whoo, you whoo, we all whoo for World Of Goo. Following the recent update that brought a "gentle remastering" making it play nice on modern systems, 2D Boy's modern-day classic puzzler is now free for keepsies on the Epic Games Store if you grab it within the next fortnight. That's not a pun. While I think of World Of Goo as one of those games everyone must have played by now, given how great it is and how often it's been mega-cheap, but... it's ten years old so I many won't have played it. Hey, youse, it's real nice and it's free right now.

World Of Goo is a puzzle 'em up about building bouncy structures from goo, sticky stands connecting to each other as you build up and along and under and. It gets delightful yet tricky when you're juggling different types of goo balls which build in different ways. As our former John (RPS in peace) wrote in our World Of Goo review way back in 2018, it is a game that keeps surprising.

"The most obvious of these elaborating factors is the art. It is, just beyond belief, beautiful. The cute, fuzzy design is reminiscent of something halfway between Tim Burton and Tim Schafer. Its 2D appearance is deceptive, with multiple layers moving independently to create an organic world that ebbs and swells like a tide. And like so much with the game, if you've seen the first chapter, you haven't seen a quarter of what it's going to do with its art design. There's an internal logic to these developments, the game structured around a year of passing time, cycling through four seasons, and four technological ages."

We went on declare it one of the best puzzle games, one of the best-nonviolent games... it's good.

Grab World Of Goo from the Epic Games Store by May 16th and it'll be on your Epic account forever. You'll need to get it through the Epic Games Launcher, obvs.

Epic's steady stream of freebies is to tempt people onto their store, as well as tamp down frustration with Epic buying up exclusives. They've seen "more than 25 million free game installs so far," Epic said yesterday. The next free game, from May 16-30, will be Stories Untold. That collection of interactive horror fiction is another good'un, as our review explained.

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World of Goo

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