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World Of Warplanes' World Of Control Options

Do you like controlling things? Do you become unreasonably enraged at the idea of controlling them with anything other than the incredibly specific implements of your choosing? Well then, World of Warplanes might just be the game for you - unless you despise planes, war, or the entire world, anyway. It's offering precision-tweaked plane reins that include everything short of Kinect and masterfully articulated political coercion. That said, if you couldn't care less about whether you're putting your virtual life in the hands of a joystick or a particularly modest mouse, there's still quite a bit of very nice-looking WOWP footage accompanying all nuts 'n' bolts chatter.

So, in short, joystick will give you excellent precision, but with a learning curve that may actually require its own runway for take-off, keyboard's a jankier but a bit less demanding, gamepad will keep things simple and familiar, and mouse will be most basic of all. Sadly, commanding man's greatest affront to the laws of physics with a plastic guitar currently isn't an option, but I have faith that it'll be added in time. Even so, the bottom line is that there's a nice, wide spectrum of complexity levels depending on how much you really feel like dedicating yourself to the game.

It is, once again, an impressive show of Wargaming's dedication to producing games that balance depth and quick-ish fun, resulting in chimera creatures that are neither sim nor arcade. It's an admirable goal, I think, considering that "sim" can - in many languages - translate directly to "Nathan crashes all of the things." Hopefully WOWP's able to straddle the line as capably as World of Tanks before it - just, you know, with matchmaking that actually makes sense this time.

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World of Warplanes


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