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World War Z has an overwhelming gameplay trailer

Moscow is beautiful this time of fear

The film World War Z is supposed to have a sequel coming. I'm not sure how or why, considering that the first title had one of the more troubled production histories in the last decade of cinema. Brad Pitt and director David Fincher pop up every few months to remind us that it is still happening, probably, sometime. That's fine by me. But what's much finer by me is the way that the new World War Z video game is shaping up. Between a teaser trailer and a bunch of pre-prod art, this had all the looks of a project that might never see the light of day. Well, today we have a gameplay trailer that seems to really get both the action and the themes of the story, and that's much more than I'd been hoping for.

The game is primarily a four player co-op title, which looks to be using the same locations as the book and film. You'll be bouncing from Jerusalem to New York as you set traps and alter the environment before you and your team are over-run by the horde. Today's trailer reveal focuses on Moscow, and sees your team defending docks and the interior of an ornate mansion, as well as the subways. The zombies start to pile up organically and overcome obstacles just like you'd hope for in a WWZ adaptation. The focus on stories in the different survivor zones already feels like the game's developers are taking all the right cues.

Those devs are, incidentally, Saber Interactive. You might know them from Timeshift or Inversion or Quake Champions. This seems both well within their wheelhouse and exactly the kind of IP that could do great things with a team known for taking chances.

Check out the trailer below:

Yeah. That's... that's a lot. It looks like the best place to follow along for updates will be Saber's website for the game.

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We may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy.

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