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Wot I Think: The Stanley Parable

Left Or Right?

The Stanley Parable is strange. The Stanley Parable is smart, calculated. The Stanley Parable is pure chaos. The Stanley Parable is about so very, very many things - at least, until it decides to be not about them at all, often in the same breath. I'll be straight with you: reviewing this thing in any conventional fashion is more or less impossible. Yes, at heart it's a first-person adventure born of a highly acclaimed Half-Life 2 mod, but it's also far, far more. A tangled web of surprises and secrets, a madman's ransom collage of endings and fresh starts. And so, in the spirit of The Stanley Parable, I have decided to let you choose how you'd like to see the game reviewed. Well, if you'd even call these meaningful choices, let alone important ones. Er, sorry about that. Been playing too much Stanley Parable. You know how it is. 

The Spoiler-Free Review

The Spoiler-Ridden Review

The Objective Review



The Review Score (As Represented By Pictures Of Baby Owls)

The Spoilery Video That More Or Less Encapsulates The Game In A Nutshell

The Video That Will Give You No Idea Of What Stanley Parable Is Actually About

The Video That Is Basically Guaranteed To Annoy You To Death

A Broom Closet

The One That's A Kind Of Fitting Song By Rush (Just Listen To The Lyrics, Maaaan)

The One Where I Tell You To Just Go Play The Demo

The One Where I Tell You To Just Go Buy The Game

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The Stanley Parable

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