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Would you build a 10ft gaming PC?

A YouTuber has built a giant PS5 that's 10ft tall - and it actually works

As you may know, we have an affinity for the larger things in life here at RPS, from the giant buff women of Assassin's Creed Odyssey to the gentle murmurings of Militsoner's enormous policeman. But here's a question for you: how do you feel about giant gaming hardware? Because some mad YouTube lad who clearly has too much time and money on his hands has just spent $70,000 making the world's largest PlayStation 5. Standing 10ft tall (that's just a bit taller than Resident Evil's 9ft 6in Lady Dimitrescu with her hat and heels, I might add) and weighing over 227kg, the crazy thing is that it actually works just like a regular console. It's ridiculous to the extreme, but I have to ask: would you ever supersize your PC if given half the chance?

It would be a great art installation if nothing else, but a 10ft tall PC case would probably give you enough room to set up an entire gaming rig in there as well. It would be like your own little PC den, with screens mounted on the inside wall next to the motherboard and the soft glow of your RGB components illuminating your every move... It would be a very cosy little hideaway in the winter, too. Might be a bit noisy, mind, with all the fans, but just think how toasty you'd be next to all those whirring components!

Of course, you do have to wonder just how much of YouTuber ZHC's enormous PlayStation is just an empty shell. The video below doesn't ever explain or reveal exactly what's inside the giant PS5 in order to get it working (it's mainly an art challenge to decorate the outside of it), so unless they've found an actual wormhole to Super Mario Bros 3's Giant Land and come back with an equally large set of jumbo components, I'm just going to assume there's just a regular PS5 tucked away inside there that's encased in a mountain of plastic.

Still, even if you still had a regular-sized motherboard inside your enormous case, you could still probably do some pretty swanky stuff with giant liquid cooling pipes and huge RGB lighting installations if that's your sort of thing - a bit like the stuff that world supremo overclocker 8Pack does for Overclockers UK, only bigger. Indeed, some of 8Pack's normal-sized PCs are already in a similar kind of ball park to ZHC's jumbo PS5, stretching up to £30,000 (just under $42,000) for a system that includes three (yes, THREE) RTX 3090s in it, so it seems pretty feasible that something like that could scale upwards.

Besides, if you had a giant gaming PC, you could also make a giant keyboard you could run across like the huge foot piano in the film Big with Tom Hanks. Now that's a YouTube stunt I'd definitely like to see.

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