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Wriggly Puzzler She Remembered Caterpillars Now Has A Demo

Wiggle wiggle

Jumpsuit Entertainment has paired up with Ysbryd Games to bring its nature puzzler, She Remembered Caterpillars [official site], to fruition. Now, they're ready to share it with a short and sweet demo that'll give you a taste for the game's whimsical ways.

The basic concept is simple. You guide red or blue colored critters across bridges of the corresponding color to platforms where, once all other creatures have found their own platform, they can fly away, thus completing the puzzle. As you progress there are colored gates. Characters matching in color can't pass through them, so you'll have to plan accordingly. The game adds complexity as you can mix your little guys together to create purple, offering new ways to navigate each level.

I gave it a go, and it looks quite nice. It's very beautiful, with hand-drawn forest backgrounds and the little whirly-gig phyto-whatsit characters. The sound of crickets blends well with the ethereal soundtrack. The puzzles start off simple, but gradually ramp up in difficulty. It's a learning experience though—you grow with the game, and there is a fine sense of accomplishment when you overcome a particularly tricky challenge. This is definitely one to save for a rainy afternoon when you don't feel up to shooting stuff.

She Remembered Caterpillars is expected out sometime later this year on both Windows and Mac. For now, you can try the demo on Steam.

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She Remembered Caterpillars

PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch

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