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X: Rebirth Dev Sorry For Messy Launch, Promises Changes

X: Rebirth reborn

X: Rebirth made Craig sad. Given that all we at RPS want to do is defend Craig and keep him safe from the harsh realities of this slowly rotting world, we were fully prepared to launch a volley of our most devastating starfighters at developer Egosoft. In practice, this would have meant tying bricks to a bunch of paper airplanes - the exact science of which has thus far proven somewhat... illusive. However, fortunately for our overtaxed, underpaid R&D department (made up of John and Craig's cat Dex and a drawing of a scientist), Egosoft has gone and issued an apology. It's also promising fixes in both the short and long terms, ranging from vicious bug squashings to overhauls of AI, menus, and - thank goodness - the addition of some sort of autopilot option. Back to the hangars, 45th paper airplane fleet. You won't be burying your brick-flattened brothers today.

Egosoft posted its apology on X: Rebirth's Steam forums:

"First of all let me start by saying that I am very sorry if you personally experience problems with our new game. We are doing what we can to fix these issues as fast as possible."

The developer also posted a list of workarounds for issues like crashes, performance problems on high-end machines, saving, and malfunctioning trade ships. Further out, meanwhile, Egosoft plans to address menus and maps (including a possible minimap), the lack of autopilot, movement (or lack thereof) in the cockpit/possible Oculus Rift support, facial animations, targeting hotkeys, and issues with joystick support.

Definitely give the full post a read if you're thinking of making an ex out of X right now. It might help a little. And in the long run, well, there's clearly potential here. It's just a damn shame that Egosoft opted to dash so much of it against the asteroid fields of angry scrutiny instead of building a quantum trans-molecular polish shield against it.

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