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Xbox Game Pass for PC is cramming in dodgeball and D&D before May ends

Not in the same game, though that does sound like something I'd play

I thought Xbox Game Pass for PC had stacked its calendar enough when it added Final Fantasy X/X-2 and Psychonauts earlier this month, but wait! There's more. Game Pass is folding in several games to the library on their launch days before this month is over, including dodgeball 'em up Knockout City and a D&D-based RPG. No, not that one. The other one. No, the other other one. It's Solasta: Crown Of The Magister. Alongisde the new games, Xbox have revealed some oldie goodies that are getting packed in this month as well.

There are several good gets coming to Game Pass before this month is out, including a few that are showing up on their respective launch dates. EA's dodgeball brawler Knockout City is entering Game Pass on May 21st, for one. The online team-based dodgeball game looks pretty swell based on Ed's Knockout City preview from earlier this year. It's also free to play for ten days at launch, so you can hop in on that one whether or not you've got Game Pass.

D&D-based RPG Solasta: Crown Of The Magister is leaving early access on May 27th and comes to Game Pass the same day as well. It seems to have lived in the shadow of the other upcoming D&D RPGs over the past year, but it's one worth doing an investigation check on. I've admittedly not played a version of it in quite a while, but I do remember thinking years back when I first encountered it that its focus on verticality in fights was nice. User reviews on its early access Steam version are trending at "very positive", for what it's worth.

There's also the cute-looking puzzle-y adventure game The Wild At Heart about two kids exploring a magical world and collecting a posse of "spritelings". It's coming to Game Pass for PC on its launch day tomorrow, May 20th.

There are some other swell games previously released making the list as well. SnowRunner has already jumped into the library a couple days ago. Secret Neighbor, Maneater, and Slime Rancher are all joining before the month is out as well.

As ever, when some games enter, other games leave. For PC players, we'll be waving goodbye to Broforce, Surviving Mars, and Void Bastards on May 31st. You can check out the entire list of comings and goings in Xbox's announcement post.

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