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Xbox One Controller Windows Drivers Released

You'll need a micro USB cable though

If you want a PC gamepad, conventional wisdom goes, just get an Xbox 360 controller. It's a great pad, it's what every game expects you to have, it works without adaptors or utilities, and it feels nice, and look, just get an Xbox 360 pad; it's the least faff. But what about the Xbox One controller? What about its less-rubbish d-pad and its tweaked thumbsticks and buttons and special vibrations?

Microsoft today finally released Windows drivers for the new Xbox One controller, which, to my grasping hands, is even better than the 360 pad. There's a bit more faff this time though.

You can download the drivers this-a-way. However, you'll also need to root out a micro USB cable too. The Xbox One controller doesn't come in a wired form, and can't connect to a PC. [Some hasty editing after a canny reader points out it uses proprietary tech, not Wi-Fi Direct as commonly believed.] Hopefully Microsoft are planning to release a dongle like the wireless Windows 360 controller uses.

Industrious sorts had worked out before how to use an Xbone pad on Windows but the process involved so very much faff.

As you may not have paid much attention to the Xbox One controller when Microsoft were super-hyping it before the console's launch, here's a seven-minute video supposedly explaining why its changes are so exciting they warrant a seven-minute video:

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