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XCOM 2's Pretty Final Mission Glitch-O-Rama


I finished XCOM 2 [official site] last night and had, up until the final mission, evaded the troubles some suffer. Then the end neared and everything glitched out into a psychedelic wonderland, flashing and morphing through loads of different types of graphics glitches. These bugs are great! I wish I'd had them all along! What are you all complaining about? Sheesh! Here, I snapped a gallery of screens for those of you unlucky enough to not see this bug.

Given that this all happened on the final mission, spoilers obviously follow. Look away if you don't want to see where it's set or what happens. I'll cross my fingers and hope you get to see all this too on your run. I know at least one person who had the same thing happen in the same place, though they - for reasons I'll never understand - fixed it by reloading their save a few times. Pssh.

I've no idea what made XCOM 2 do this - my laptop wasn't even running hot enough to max out its fans. These glitches are the finest I've ever had, beating out even my days with an optimistically mega-overclocked Voodoo3.

Come see the damage Pip's psychic powers cause by clicking the arrow above that screenshot to advance, an arrow which will magically shift to below screens from here on. Glitches, eh?

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Everywhere Pip went (that's her invisible in the middle), she was surrounded by swirling patterns - her calming Solace aura gone wildly out of control.

Oh, and also the whole level briefly went blue, yellow, and white. No worries.

(Click on all these to see bigger versions, obvs.)

Here are Pip's powers in full effect.

I liked when everything would take on a colourful tinge.

Sometimes it was a bit too colourful.

Yes, I'd find that Disorienting too.

Honestly, given the premise of the final mission, for a few minutes I half-thought all this glitching out was intentional.

My crack sniper could still somehow nail shots. Shooting wildly into colourhell.

This was my favourite sort of glitchout.

And I really like this. I think that's maybe what happened to some low-lying fog.

Here's what happens when PsyPip turns up to the party.

First, it's all fun and games and disco lights.

Then the floors run red.

Then you whiteout.

Then you wake up in cyberjail. Thanks, Pip.

Between this heat and Pip's topographical map aura, I do enjoy how some of these glitches look like geography homework.

Or shoddy colouring-in.

Or the cover to my next album.

Wait, no, THIS is my next album cover.

I like how you can see tiny bits of the engine's workings in glitches, but it's like studying a watch's cogs after someone's smashed it with a hammer.

Yes, we probably should get out of here. It does seem unsafe.

Reader dear, I do hope you're treated to this too.

For more on XCOM 2, visit our XCOM 2 guide hub.

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