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XCOM Chimera Squad weapons: how to craft in the assembly

How to upgrade your agent's equipment

One way to upgrade your agents in XCOM Chimera Squad is via the assembly. Here you can invest time and resources into improving their equipment, improving field team ranks, and tons more. It can be daunting to know what to start off with first, so we've prepared a table with all the available research.

XCOM Chimera Squad weapons guide

Our XCOM Chimera Squad weapons guide will go over all the upgraded weapons and armour available to make in the assembly and the requirements you need to achieve to research them. You'll also learn about epic weapons, where to find them, and which agents are the best ones to equip each one to.

XCOM Chimera Squad assembly list

Creating new items for your squad to keep up with the new enemies that will appear during the campaign is vital for their survival. You'll primarily use Elerium to invest in new tech, which can be found by using the Spec Ops, or completing certain missions or situations on the city map. You do not need to assign an agent for the assembly project to be completed initially, but it may be that there is a requirement for more advanced tech.

While your available upgrades are few initially, you'll unlock tons more as you progress through the campaign or unlock assembly upgrades. To that end, we've created this table that includes all of the research your squad can unlock that we know of so far. It includes the costs, what it unlocks, and all the requirements needed to research the project.

Android PersonnelGrants one Android Tactical Unit Android units (Supply)1 day0N/A
Modular AndroidsAgents can equip Android Mods Ballistic Foam Lining (Supply) Polymer Sheathing (Supply) Servoharness Mk.I (Supply)3 days0Android Personnel
Enhanced Android ProcessingLidar Mk I (Supply) Quadcore CPU (Supply) Tactical ASIC Mk I (Supply)2 days0Modular Androids
Perfected Android MechanicsImpact Gel Lining (Supply) Titanium Sheathing (Supply) Servoharness Mk II (Supply)4 days0Enhanced Android Processing
Perfected Android ProcessingLidar Mk II (Supply) Octacore CPU (Supply) Tactical ASIC Mk II (Supply)4 days0Enhanced Android Processing
Modular WeaponsAgents can equip Weapon Mods Expanded Magazine (Supply) Stock (Supply) Auto-Loader (Supply)2 days25Android Personnel
Modular ArmorAgents can equip Armor Mods Infiltrator Weave (Supply) Extra Padding (Supply) Mach Weave (Supply)2 days25Android Personnel
Weapon OpticsLaser Sight (Supply) Scope (Supply)3 days0Modular Weapons
Enhanced Assault RiflesEnhanced AR (Supply)6 days55Modular Weapons
Mastercrafted Assault RiflesMastercrafted AR (Supply)12 days90Enhanced Assault Rifles
Enhanced Submachine GunsEnhanced SMG (Supply)6 days55Modular Weapons
Mastercrafted Submachine GunsMastercrafted SMG (Supply)12 days100Enhanced Submachine Guns
Enhanced ShotgunsEnhanced Shotgun (Supply)6 days55Modular Weapons
Mastercrafted ShotgunsMastercrafted Shotgun (Supply)12 days90Enhanced Shotguns
Enhanced PistolsEnhanced Pistol (Supply)6 days55Modular Weapons
Mastercrafted PistolsMastercrafted Pistol (Supply)12 days90Enhanced Pistols
Enhanced ArmorEnhanced Armor Upgrade (Supply)8 days70Modular Armor
Breach ExplosivesCease Fire Bomb (Supply) Smoke Bomb (Supply) Flash Bomb (Supply)4 days0Modular Armor
Breach Tactical EquipmentMedipatch (Supply) Holo Scanner (Supply) Target Analyzer (Supply)4 days0Modular Armor
Mastercrafted ArmorMastercrafted Armor Upgrade (Supply)15 days125Enhanced Armor
Improved MedikitsUpgrade all Medikits to Nanomedikits2 days0Enhanced Armor
Improved Field TeamsField Teams can be upgraded to Rank 2.3 days25Recruit 1 field team. Android Personnel
Expert Field TeamsField Teams can be upgraded to Rank 3.6 days45Improved Field Teams
Improved AssemblyAllows two agents to be assigned to Assembly duty.5 days40Expert Field Teams Build a rank three Technology Field Team.
Improved TrainingAllows two agents to be assigned to Training duty.5 days30Expert Field Teams Build a rank three Finance Field Team.
Improved Spec OpsAllows two agents to be assigned to Spec Ops duty.5 days30Expert Field Teams Build a rank three Security Field Team.
Gray Phoenix EquipmentOverdrive Serum (Supply) Hellweave (Supply) Regen Weave (Supply)6 days0Complete Gray Phoenix investigation
Gray Phoenix Poison GearGas Grenade (Supply) Venom Rounds (Supply)5 days0Complete Gray Phoenix investigation
Progeny EquipmentTalon Rounds (Supply) Relocation Disc (Supply) Mindshield (Supply)6 days0Complete Progeny Investigation
Progeny Psi GrenadesTurncoat Grenade (Supply) Lift Grenade (Supply)5 days0Complete Progeny Investigation
Sacred Coil EquipmentBubble Grenade (Supply) Bubble Weave (Supply) Kinetic Screen (Supply)6 days0Complete Sacred Coil Investigation
Sacred Coil Fire GearIncendiary Grenade (Supply) Dragon Rounds (Supply)5 days0Complete Sacred Coil Investigation

Chimera Squad epic weapons

Aside from the research weapons and other gear you can get, you'll occasionally find epic weapons. These are rewards found for completing missions or items available to buy in the Scavenger Market with Intel. All these weapons stats scale up as you research better gun classes, so equip and keep them on your squad.

Every epic weapon has an ability which seems tailor made to certain agents. We'll be listing all of the epic weapons in a list below, before giving recommendations as to which agent you should equip these weapons to.

WeaponTypeBase clip sizeBase damageWeapon ability
Crucial SymmetrySMG43-5Chain Shot Take a shot with an aim penalty of -15. If you hit the target, take another shot on the target automatically. Three turn cooldown.
Surly ConstantSMG43-5Hail of Bullets Unleash a hail of bullets that is guaranteed to hit your target, but uses a lot of ammo. Three turn cooldown.
Callow EmberShotgun34-6Rapid Fire Fire twice in a row at an enemy. Each shot suffers an aim penalty of -15. One use per mission.
Lonely HeraldShotgun34-6Run and Gun Take an action after dashing. Three turn cooldown.
Endless BrevityPistol53-4Fan Fire Fire the pistol three times at the same target. One use per mission.
Artful FathomPistol53-4Lightning Hands Fire your pistol at a target as a free action. Three turn cooldown.
Impetuous SpireAR43-5Banish Fire at a target until you run out of ammo or it dies. One use per mission.
Fortunate BlossomAR43-5Serial When used, for every kill made with your AR, your actions are refunded. One use per mission.

Best agents to equip epic weapons

  • Crucial Symmetry: Terminal or Shelter
  • Surly Constant: Terminal or Shelter
  • Callow Ember: Axiom or Claymore
  • Lonely Herald: Godmother or Axiom
  • Endless Brevity: Blueblood or Cherub
  • Artful Fathom: Blueblood (Preferred option)
  • Impetuous Spire: Verge
  • Fortunate Blossom: Verge or Patchwork

XCOM Chimera Squad training

XCOM Chimera Squad guide series

Thanks for reading our XCOM Chimera Squad weapons guide. Now you know more about how to kit your troops with the best stuff. Do check out the rest of our guides below, which includes details on agent builds, as well as other key info.

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