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XP-Loaded Explosions: Borderlands 2's Torgue DLC Out

BORDERLANDS 2 TORGUE DLC TORGUE EXPLOSION TORGUE BADASS CRATER TORGUE OUT NOW YEAH. I apologize for the all-caps barrage, but Borderlands 2's new DLC is very loud, and I felt that my words would be woefully unable to capture its essence in a minuscule, easily-stepped-on state. So right then, TORGUE TORGUE TORGUE TRAILER BOOM POCKET ROCKET DRAGON CAR GIRAFFE RAINBOW WAFFLE.

So many sounds and colors and angry men shouting. But in a very silly, unhinged way, of course. Borderlands 2 isn't quite Saints Row: The Third, but it's only a notch or two down on the crazy scale - and climbing fast. Which I'm pretty OK with, honestly. There's an inherent silliness to action games, but I'm always surprised by how few - in the grand scheme of things - opt to fully embrace it. I mean, I'm not asking for everyone to trade in their honorable medals and grandly thieved autos for big honking clown shoes, but a little laughter never hurt anyone. Well, except that one guy who's dead now. But honestly, no one really liked him anyway.

As for the content itself, it seems fairly robust - boasting multiple new locations, character cameos, enemies, and 2840384213858392 guns. But is it worth the $9.99 entry fee? Hm. Maybe we should investigate that. For now, though, are you interested? Is that interest perhaps piqued? Are things like explosions and overuse of the word "badass" still funny if you just SAY THEM REALLY, REALLY LOUDLY?

(Note: this in-character Reddit AMA would seem to suggest so, but only when paired with lines like "NOBODY'S PERFECT AND FLAWS ARE INHERENTLY BEAUTIFUL SO THAT'S COOL I GUESS.")

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