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Pendulo Launch New Adventure Game, Yesterday Origins

Yesterday Origins, today!

Pendulo Studios, the makers of The Next Big Thing and the Runaway series, this week released their latest adventure game. It's Yesterday Origins [official site], the follow-up to 2012's Yesterday. It's a tale of immortality and power struggles, with a visual style I find quite interesting.

Yesterday Origins centers around John Yesterday, who after escaping from the Spanish Inquisition 500 years ago, was forced to undergo a ritual which left him immortal... sorta. John can still die, but then he comes back to life the same age he was when he underwent the ritual. Also, his memories of the past vanish each time he resurrects, bummer.

The game is a quest to find the artifact that will allow John to complete the ritual correctly so he doesn't have to lose his memory anymore. To reach that goal you'll run into the standard adventure fare of puzzles and riddles.

I'm impressed by how high the production values look for a game from a smaller pair of studios. Publishers Microids are behind Syberia 2, and have a catalog dating all the way back to the Amiga, and paired with the Pendulo Studios brings to the table they've all put together a great-looking title. How does it play? I've not had a go, and couldn't tell you.

You can purchase Yesterday Origins now on Steam for £22.99/29,99€/$29.99, which is 20% off the normal price.

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Yesterday Origins

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