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You can batter people with fish in Chivalry 2's new tavern brawl mode

Also new: last-ditch headbutts for players who are literally disarmed

Swords are cool and all but the medieval fight I find a delight is a tavern brawl, so I'm chuffed to heck to see Chivalry 2 focus on them in a new mode. 'Brawl' mode has players rumble through feasts and halls, fighting with found weapons including chairs, steins, and giant fish. Oh yes, thank you. Also in the field of delightful foolishness is a new headbutt move for armless players to launch one desperate last attack.

I see Brawl weapons including steins, rolling pins, chairs, turkey legs, barrels, bottles, and skulls and yes, thanks. Up to 40 players will be able to fight on its two maps, which sounds like a good-sized rumble to me.

As for headbutting, yup, if someone lops your arms off you will be able to run around attempting to headbutt people to death before you bleed out. One of the devs says, "if you headbutt enough you can stay alive and run around with no arms at all." Just a flesh wound.

The first game's Last Team Standing mode returns in today's update too. That's 40-player battles with no respawns.

Also kicking off today is the Halloween event, with pumpkin helmets, a ghost, and graves and cauldrons you can pluck limbs and skulls from to use as weapons on some maps.

See the Fight Knight update notes for more changes in patch 2.2, including a new rapier weapon. The update should be out nnnow?

In our Chivalry 2 review, Brendy declared the first-person stabber "a gore-soaked multiplayer battler with tons of humour and dishonour at its heart". A good game for daft brawls, then.

Chivalry 2 is still exclusive to the Epic Games Store on PC, with plans to hit other stores after one year of Epixclusivity—so June 2022 at earliest. Has a 20% discount on Epic right now, though.

Last month, Chivalry 2 publishers Tripwire Interactive were caught in upset over anti-abortion remarks from the CEO, John Gibson. Chivalry 2 lead devs Torn Banner Studios disavowed his remarks, and support studio Shipwright Studios said they would no longer work with Tripwire. Gibson soon stepped down as CEO and the company apologised.

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