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You can have Doom Guy in your Gears Tactics squad (sort of)

So far we have a Doom Guy, a Duke Nukem and an Avery Johnson

The new Gears Of War spin-off, Gears Tactics came out yesterday, and already players are turning their soldiers into characters from other games. Tactics has you recruit various soldiers as you go on, you see, and while you can't change the general look of their bodies or faces, there are still a bunch of features you can alter to adjust them to your liking.

So, here's a few examples you could follow if you fancy having characters like Duke Nukem or Doom Guy in your squad.

Here he is, old Doom "Champ" Guy. It's a very powerful look for him, the trunk-like appendages of Gears characters really suits the demon slayer's "I'll crush you" kinda vibe.

I made DOOM Guy with his classic mini gun. Gears tactics has been a blast to play
by u/MrHorror030 in GearsOfWar

Next up we have Halo's very own Avery Johnson. This one's a pretty uncanny likeness, too.

So glad To know how the Halo and shears community is so in sync with one another
by u/Chinfu1189 in GearsOfWar

Now, his glasses aren't quite right and he's missing his bandoliers, but you know what? Yeah, that sure is Duke Nukem.

I made Duke Nukem in Gears Tactics. Both his lancer and snub pistol are gold
by u/MrHorror030 in GearsOfWar

I'm sure this is merely the beginning of many characters we're going to see recreated in Gears Tactics. Seeing as fans have managed Avery Johnson, could we see a Master Chief? What favourite game characters do you reckon you'll try and recreate, reader?

If you've not jumped into this chainsawing take on XCOM just yet, Nate highly recommended it in his Gears Tactics review:

"It’s a spectacular thing to play through, and it’d be more than enough to merit the fifty quid price tag if it deleted itself on completion," he wrote. "It’s the first game in ages that gave me the urge to start a second playthrough in the same session as my first completion, which says a lot."

It's out now on Steam and the Microsoft Store for (a whopping) £50/$60/€70. Alternatively, you can also play it with an Xbox Game Pass For PC subscription.

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