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You can now play Among Us with your Switch-owning friends

Switch isn't sus, actually

Multiplayer imposter-hunting game Among Us now has a Nintendo Switch version, I say on this here PC gaming website. What's that matter to you lot? Well, it's got cross-platform multiplayer so you PC-owning folks can play with your Switch-having pals. It's a nice pre-holiday surprise for those of us wondering what we can pick up to share with our friends while we stay separated through the winter.

Among Us came out back in 2018 but a sudden surge in popularity this autumn has convinced the developers over at Innersloth to cancel the sequel they were working on in favor of returning to the original to build a new airship map coming early next year and apparently release the game on Switch. It continues to be a nice story about a classic game format going quite well for a small development team.

"Among Us is the perfect distillation of social deduction games like Mafia and Werewolf, best played with a squad of pals while talking on Discord and abiding by an agreement where dead men tell no tales and literally any action can make you kinda sus," says James on why it's so gosh darn fun.

Folks playing on PC already had the ability to play with crewmates on the mobile version of the game. Now that the Switch version is out, everyone can happily betray one another together.

You can direct your Nintendo pals to Among Us on the Switch store while you PC folks can find it on Itch and Steam for £4/€4/$5.

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Among Us

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