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You can now "play" this cancelled Tomb Raider remake

A little piece of history

Tomb Raider: 10th Anniversary Edition was a remake of the original Tomb Raider under development for the PSP by series creators Core Design. The project was cancelled in 2006 and re-skinned as an Indiana Jones game, which was also cancelled. Now, thanks to the Internet Archive and some Tomb Raider super fans, you can play this cancelled game - sort of, a bit.

There's not a lot of it to play, honestly. The released files include levels set in Greece, Peru and Croft Manor, but there are no enemies and only a handful of interactive elements. What you can do is run and climb around them, flick some switches, and wonder what might have been.

What happened instead was that Core Design was bought by Rebellion and closed down in 2010, while Crystal Dynamics went on to develop and release their own remake, Tomb Raider: Anniversary, in 2007. Honestly, it seems to me like Crystal Dynamics' more robust remake was the better option.

Still, this is a bit of history. The files are hosted by the Internet Archive, and there are instructions on how to set them up to play on fan site Tomb Of Ash. You'll need to extract the files to a specific place, install a patch, and have an Xbox 360 or PS4 controller hooked up before you launch the game.

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