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You can now use the best of Yahoo! Answers as a Typing Of The Dead dictionary

Questions so dumb they can kill

Yahoo! Answers announced this past week that it was closing down. This is bad news to those who used the question-and-answer website to learn about the world, but doubly bad news for the much larger population of people who liked to laugh at the dumb questions and dumber answers posted there.

To mourn the site's approaching closure, the operator of the YahooAnswersTXT Twitter account has created a custom dictionary for Typing Of The Dead: Overkill. So now you can kill zombies by typing, "What does Bigfoot want??".

Other questions highlighted in the screenshots include, "Would it be OK to spank my date on the first date?" and "I need a Badass, yet Sexy Gamer Name ;)?". The unusual capitalisation presumably makes it trickier to not get eaten by the undead.

Yahoo! Answers will stop accepting new questions on April 20th, and will shut down on May 4th. The site's archives will be inaccessible from that point and users will have until June 30th to request their data. If you never used the website yourself, you might still have come across some of the memes unwittingly generated by its users. Perhaps most famously, it's where "how is babby formed?" originated.

Typing Of The Dead: Overkill, meanwhile, is a game in which you shoot zombies by accurately typing words and sentences. It added support for user-made dictionaries back in 2015, and when I wrote about the addition I suggested that someone should make an RPS dictionary featuring popular words, phrases and running jokes from the site's history. None of you did it, to my eternal disappointment.

You can grab the Yahoo! Answers dictionary via the Steam Workshop now.

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