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You can now wear cat ears in Halo Infinite, and that's excellent

We kneaded this

Finally, catboys and catgirls have invaded Halo Infinite. Yes, you can now outfit your Spartan with cat ears in multiplayer and transform your serious Spartan into a feisty kitty. Move over John Halo, we now have Felix, who is much cuter and loves scritches. Hello mister! Pspspspspsps.

Unfortunately the privilege of wearing cat ears requires a monetary sacrifice. You simply can't get them without delving into the in-game store and forking over £8/$10 on the Cat Lovers bundle. It includes the famed cat ears attachment for your helmet, the Tabby cat weapon charm, a pink armour coating, and a Kat (throwback to Catherine from Halo Reach) helmet weapon charm.

We all know the truth. We're here for the cat ears and everything else is tat. Maybe not the Tabby cat weapon charm, though, that's effortlessly cool.

A Tabby cat weapon charm dangling from a pistol in Halo Infinite.
Very fond of this, to be fair.

Could I see myself getting a pair of cat ears? Yes, yes I could. They're in that price bracket which seems reasonably priced, you know? “Only eight quid, cracking deal”. I just can't question my decision for a second. It needs be made in an instant, lest I consider what else I could've bought for eight quid (a three-pack of Thug Life Sunglasses, or a sea monkeys ocean zoo, or a 12-in-1 multi-tool shaped like a shark).

It seems like lots of people have taken the plunge and are thriving as a result.

343 absolutely teased this feline takeover with one of their bots. I remember when the game first launched and someone on our team disconnected, only to be replaced by a bot outfitted with cat ears called 343 Meowlnir. Little did we know what would hit us, eh?

If you simply couldn't imagine your Spartan self without cat ears, then you best don them quickly. Infinite's in-game store rotates its offerings every Tuesday at 10:00am PST (that's 6:00pm GMT), so they could very well disappear like a cat to a cardboard box.

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