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You can play mini deck-building RTS Necronator: Dead Wrong this month

Little skeletons, big plans

Necronator: Dead Wrong is a little RTS on rails with a healthy heap of deck-building on the side. Eat your strategy vegetables! The developers at Toge Productions (who also just released Coffee Talk) have debuted a new trailer for the evil RTS before it his early access this month.

Last year at EGX 2019, Katharine called Necronator one of her games of the show. "It’s wonderfully addictive, and its super cute pixel art makes each battle a joy to watch," she said. The new trailer below shows off some of the deck build-y RTS gameplay narrated by the Necronator itself.  Little skeleton and orc and sheep troops all fight it out under the guidance of their evil overlord. You'll take the position of a commander with your own spells and a unique unit.

Necronator is launching in early access this month with one commander, their associated campaign, and the first two tiers of undead units to boss around. As they continue development, Toge say they have five commanders with their own campaigns planned for Necronator, many more units, and four biomes with various effects on battles.

These are the same folks that just launched Coffee Talk which Sin called "mellow" in her Coffee Talk review. This looks to be quite a different tone, though hopefully as good a way to spend a few hours as Sin found the coffee shop gossip sim to be.

Necronator: Dead Wrong enters early access on February 13th. You can wishlist it on Steam until then.

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