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You can try Elder Scrolls Online's upcoming expansion in a free play week starting Wednesday

Back to the North

The Elder Scrolls Online's next big expansion comes out in May but you can try out its prologue chapter for free. Zenimax Online Studios have also released a new story trailer for the expansion, showing off some vampire baddies and a few vistas from Western Skyrim that you'll recognize if you played The Elder Scrolls V. ESO is hosting a free play period for over a week starting this Wednesday and say that free players will also be able to try out the Greymoor expansion prologue.

ESO's Greymoor expansion is taking players back to Skyrim to solve a pesky problem of witches and vampires colluding in the north. I've gotten to play a bit of the chapter myself and Zenimax's recreations of familiar Skyrim locations are nearly an uncanny valley experience. Dragon Bridge and Solitude feature in the early hours and are immediately recognizable to anyone who's visited them in TESV recently.

Aside from the new story and map zone, Zenimax have overhauled the vampire skill tree with some new abilities that make getting bitten more worth your while. There's also a new Antiquities hunting guild you can join in Solitude and a 12-member raid-style dungeon being added with the expansion.

Zenimax say that as of today, all ESO players, including those who participate in the free play weekend starting this Wednesday, can grab the Greymoor Prologue for free from the in-game cash shop.

You can download and try ESO free from Zenimax's website from April 1st - 13th. They specify that if you download through Steam, the free play period will last only until April 6th.

ESO: Greymoor releases on May 18th for PC players.

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