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You can use a secret pistol in Doom Eternal through the power of console commands

Stick to your guns

Now, I'm not entirely sure why you'd want to bother using a pistol when Doom Eternal starts you off with a shotgun, but hey, there's one hidden in the game's files anyway if you fancy a go with it. It's a proper working weapon by the looks of things, just one that never made it into the final version of the game. You can get it by using console commands on your PC, though considering the rest of Doom Guy's arsenal, a little handgun seems a bit tame at this point.

Dave Oshry, founder of New Blood Interactive posted a video on Twitter showing off the cut weapon. He even left a follow up with details on the console commands if you want to give it a try for yourself (note that you will need to use Cheat Engine on PC to be able to do it).

I reckon that pistol could've been pretty useful had it ended up in the game properly. Sometimes when you're low on ammo you just need a little pea-shooter to deal with some of the squishier enemies, though admittedly braining them with a shotgun feels a lot more satisfying (actually wait there's a cool chainsaw too, I've changed my mind, pistols suck).

Doom Eternal is still fab without a pistol, though - in fact, judging from how much Matt gushes about the Super Shotgun in his Doom Eternal review, I'm not entirely convinced the game needs multiple weapons anyway.

"The Super Shotgun comes with a grappling hook. It reels you in towards enemies, but it doesn’t mess with your momentum, and you can pair it with a rune that slows down time," he wrote. "Slow-motion grappling hook drive-bys are a thing in Doom Eternal, and I implore you to indulge in them."

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