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Your trusty knife will never leave you in Resident Evil 3

Knife-only runs make a comeback

That up there is Leon from Resident Evil 2 wielding a gnarly lookin' combat knife. Eventually that knife will have bitten one too many zombies and break, leaving ol' Leon in a lurch. In this year's Resident Evil 3 remake, Jill and Carlos will fare much better with their now indestructible knives. Capcom wanted you to always have "something you can rely on."

"We're dealing with survival horror and everything is exhaustible. You run out of bullets. You run out of herbs. You run out of all the items you can use," producer Peter Fabiano told Game Informer. "So if you did run out of everything, what would you have? The knife. The director always wanted to make it so that you at least have your trusty knife."

Thanks to the livestream of Resident Evil 3 that Capcom ran a couple weeks back, we already knew that knives would be ditching the concept of durability. Now they're telling us the change had more than one motivation.

Aside from being a comfort blanket when you're alone and lacking bullets, Capcom say they're aware that some players want to take a step further and tackle all of Raccoon City with just their knives. It's doable, Capcom confirmed. Apparently they've tested it in the studio and some members of the team have managed to complete the game sans guns.

Knife only is a still-popular challenge and speedrun category for the original Resident Evil and its 2002 remake but alas it isn't possible in the Resident Evil 2 remake from last year. Rest assured speedrunners, you'll have a knife close at hand this time around so get ready to toss those clips on the ground.

If you've taken part in the Resident Evil 3 demo out right now, how'd you fare? Have you been keeping a shotgun close at hand or dabbling in zombie knife play?

Resident Evil 3 will launch via Steam on April 3rd.

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